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Starling Start offers expertise in arts development, engagement and place,

by collaborating across sectors and disciplines. 


Born of a desire to dream up and develop the best work,

to ask questions,

to listen,

to share knowledge,

to learn from each other,

to provide support,

to co-create solutions


We create bespoke responses to your needs.


We work collaboratively with you and with each other. We notice the tiny details. The parts that make it all work. We see the bigger picture. We see it all. We're a social bunch. We work as a team. We critique our methods, always learning, always adapting, always respecting each other. We like exploring. We feed off the city.

Services include: facilitation, research, creative engagement and arts management consultancy services.

We work with everyone who shares our values​.


Our experience is vast, having worked collaboratively with senior government, arts organisations, private businesses, communities and individuals.


Current collaborators, partners and clients include: Haller-Clarke, Translink, Linen Quarter BID, Department of Justice, Studio idir, Strand Arts Centre, Film Hub NI.


Amberlea Neely is Director of Starling Start.


With more than 15 years experience working within Northern Ireland’s arts sector, Amberlea has been involved in the development of organisations like Platform Arts, Belfast Photo Festival and PLACE, which until it’s closure in 2019 operated at the cutting edge of creative, intelligent and inclusive public engagement in the built environment in Northern Ireland.


Amberlea holds an MSc in Cultural Management, BA (Hons) in Fine Art, and PGCert in Executive Leadership.

Amberlea works with a network of organisations, artists, architects, designers, educators and producers.

Image: Joe Laverty

This is the beginning

We are here to help you

To challenge the status quo

To help you break the rules

To be different


We want you

To make your dreams real

To see the strength in what you already have

To agitate

We’ll take turns to lead


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